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Workshop 1: People Prospecting: How to Find Your Peeps on Facebook (Valued at $97 USD)
Workshop 2: The Targeting Tune Up (Valued at $137 USD)
Workshop 3: Purposeful and Precise Placement (Valued at $97 USD)
Workshop 4: Compelling Copy Fix (Valued at $167 USD)
BONUS: Facebook Ad Checklist - (Valued at $27 USD)
BONUS: All Eyes on Me: Choosing Attention Grabbing Images Masterclass - (Valued at $57 USD)
BONUS: Facebook Ad Report Card (Valued at $37 USD)
BONUS: Rules of Conduct Made Simple: Ad Compliance and Account Denial Recovery (Valued at $67 USD)

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I recently purchased On Target + Follow the Crowd and I just want to THANK YOU for your training! It came at the most perfect time! I revamped my ads based on your suggestions and I am so thrilled with my results I just had to share!

Prior to your course, my ads to my $27 tiny offer were scraping by (I was spending about $28 to get one purchase...so not ideal)! BUT since I followed your suggestions, my ads are performing so much better!...I couldn't be happier! I finally feel like I can scale now!

My ads are still going strong a week into the process…let me just say that it's freaking phenomenal to wake up and find that I sold my tiny offer multiple times while I slept (and it's happened while I've been baking with my kids and out enjoying bike rides too)!!! It's amazing to have ads finally working FOR me in the background while I live my life and enjoy my family! Thank you again!!!! I'm truly grateful!

So thank you, thank you - THANK YOU!!! On Target was the missing link I needed!!!


Creator of The Booked Photographer
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